Call Center Agent Saves the Day!

Pakistan, Lahore - Like any other day, Hamza Sohail, our call center representative picked up the phone to provide customer service. This time there was a hysterical caller on the other end. The caller was a disabled women who was having a very bad experience with one of our most sensitive clients; a state-run medical insurance company. The woman had appealed for a wheel chair several times but her efforts were in vain. She was of the presumption that Care 1st was trying to get rid of her. The customer was agitated and frustrated. At this point, Hamza listened to her with patience and sympathized with her. He made it a point to be extra patient with her as the issue at hand was critical.

He listened to all the unfortunate events that had happened to her. She had been run over by a car because of which she was unable to walk. She was suicidal as she kept repeating that she wanted to end this miserable life. She was unhappy with her appearance. Hamza tried to calm her down by saying "It doesn't matter what you look like, you have to be good inside. If life was not precious, it wouldn’t have been given to us.”

After she had calmed down, she told Hamza all she wanted to do was to reach Karen in the main office who was taking care of the appeal. She had her extension. Hamza on her behalf called Karen and tried to resolve the issue. When she came to know what Hamza had done on her behalf she started praising him. She said that she has been with Care1st for so many years and never came across a person who is that professional. That was a big compliment. Then she said "I was suicidal and crying when I called you, but see I am not crying now and I don't have any suicidal intentions."

“That's one of the many things that I have learnt while working for Alert, a perfect breeding ground for grooming and creating great employees. I learnt how to take care of irate and difficult customers. Not only it works on the calls, it works everywhere. You can't calm an irate caller down by just telling them to calm down. You have to listen to them, let them talk and act accordingly. Show empathy, put yourself in their shoes and say something like "If I were you I'd be upset too." then they will understand even if you are not able to do anything about their concern. This was a call that made me feel that I am playing my part in making the world a better place by helping people who need help. My job at this company gives me a sense of achievement.” Says Hamza, our newly found call center agent hero.

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Call Center Agent Saves the Day!

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Call Center Agent Saves the Day!

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