Has the New Normal Begun?

While the situation of the pandemic has left many of the economies in crisis, it has put forth a new trend – work from home. The question here is whether it will become the “next big thing in future”?

With our newsfeeds bombarded with tons of work from home videos, and how people have made their workspaces on their kitchen countertop, it won’t be wrong to say that many companies have managed to ace the new trend and make it a successful strategy for future as well.

In a recent survey by Gartner, it was revealed that 74% of the workforce intends to work from home on a permanent basis. Moreover, it has been proved that employees who worked from home experienced an increase in productivity levels and job satisfaction. On the other hand, many companies have been able to be efficient and effective with the help of cost optimization.

In the wake of COVID-19 and response to beat the chaotic crisis, many giants, like Facebook, Twitter and Shopify have decided to uphold and strengthen the strategy of telecommuting in future as well. Similarly, the CLX solution provider, ibex. had decided to convert a 9-hour office shift to “work from home” in response to maintain proper SOPs; however, the continuous success made the company embark on initiating a novel opportunity, keeping in consideration a myriad of situations. What is it? It is a bit early to break the ice. But we know YOU know!

life @ ibex.

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Has the New Normal Begun?

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Has the New Normal Begun?

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