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In January 2017, ILA - IBEX learning Academy was launched with the intention to provide a platform to those potential candidates sought out for our International Campaigns. Within a span of four weeks, we aim to provide the necessary training to equip and empower our new inductees with excellent language skills that help groom and develop them into top-notch Customer Service Specialists.

IBEX not only aims to induct the best possible resources but through ILA groom them into suitable Customer Service profiles while keeping in mind the business needs of our International Clients. Our priority remains on improving their language skills and maximizing their ability to use English in various everyday situations while focusing on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and conversational skills through a cross-cultural lens.
While Customer Service Specialists are required to manage customers on call and create a lasting impact, our program also focusses on how to build and maintain customer relationships. Emphasis on building emotional intelligence (understanding others and ourselves) plays a pivotal role in the BPO industry. Sounding empathetic, courteous, and generating a positive vibe while on a call are just some of the traits we train our CSE’s to master during the course of this program. Until now, ILA has successfully completed five batches of trained professionals ready to hit the floor.

While the training can be beneficial to just about every candidate, but keeping the four weeks window in focus our recruitment team ensures to present candidates whose language skills are coachable in the allotted time. Recruitment team generally targets candidates who display the confidence and a can-do attitude even if they lack fluency and accuracy in spoken English.

With their vast training experience and impeccable language skills, Rabia Sheikh - Manager T&D and Nauman Quddusi - Asst. Manager T&D take on the responsibility of training ILA batches in the most friendly and professional manner.
In the past year, we have successfully completed the training of five batches with tremendous improvement in a matter of weeks. Not only have the ILA trainees displayed this improvement whilst in training but have also carried it forward on to the floor. Our evident success pushes us to aim even higher for our future batches.

Contributed By:
Rabia Sheikh – Manager Training & Development PK Site
Nauman Quddusi – Assistant Manager Training & Development PK Site

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