Long Term Employee – Aisha Butt

Aisha Butt, currently working as a Supervisor in Alert Communications has been a part of Ibex Global for the past 12 years. She joined as a Customer Service Representative in 2004. Aisha’s story is different from the employees who are amongst the pioneers of TRG. Being a working mother, Aisha wanted a role with flexible working hours and low work volume. She did not want a job with a hectic routine as for her, her family came first. So she continued to serve as a CSR till 2015.

Here’s what Aisha had to say about her journey at TRG: “It’s been a privilege working for Alert Communications. To me Alert is my Alma meter. It provided me that comfort zone in which I could continue my job as a Half Time Agent without disturbing my family life. So, I decided to stay. Throughout my career, I've been very lucky. I have received 5 awards for being a star performer, for my dependability and once on the completion of 10 years in the company. Dependability is a key to success in any call center environment and that comes through time management. I can proudly say that I developed this quality at TRG. No doubt without my family, my husband, it would have not been possible. They supported me at every step. I could keep my family together because my work never disturbed my family life.”

Aisha while maintaining a balance between her work and family life has achieved personal and professional goals. She is proud to be a part of an organization that has given her job satisfaction and opportunities of self-development. She still comes to work with the same zeal and passion with which she entered the doors of TRG back in 2004 and we applaud her for all the passion she has for her work.
TRG! May you continue to inspire our lives for many years to come!

Sana Saleem
HR Business Analyst

life @ ibex.

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Long Term Employee – Aisha Butt

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Long Term Employee – Aisha Butt

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