The Journey of ibex. Learning Academy!

It’s been 6-successful years since the launch of the ILA - ibex. Learning Academy. The idea that started with a small batch of 15 people in Karachi has now impacted the lives of over hundreds of people.

It all began with a one-simple question: How do we enable potential candidates to score a position in our International Campaigns?

The answer led to an Academy that aspires to groom and encourage our new inductees into the finest Customer Service Specialists through extensive four-week training. The course was designed with the help of our Foreign Qualified trainers, loaded with indoor and outdoor activities to polish their communication skills and build on their emotional intelligence.

Hiring Process 1

Azar Ateeq

In a conversation with ILA Project Head Azar Ateeq, he reflected, “ILA is a platform to empower the youth and provide them a path into one of the leading industries, Business process outsourcing.

Our community of top-notch linguistic trainers has continued to rise as our operations spread across various universities, training centers, and cities.

Binish Qasim

Binish Qasim, an Executive Trainer at ILA with her vast training experience has been one of the leading forces behind the program’s success. While discussing the journey of ibex. Learning Academy, she mentioned:

“ibex. initiated ILA with the grand vision of bringing the best out of people to give them the extra skill-set that would make them come up as bright individuals in the society and help them grow in their careers. The initial steps for this program were hard as it was difficult to bring this mindset forward of helping people grow in a corporate environment with the eagerness to serve in the same company. We aimed to groom and provide the necessary training to equip and empower our candidates. We started ILA programs internally first, with single batches every month, taking it up to parallel batches, and then we extended ILA externally by getting Hunar Foundation on board. We were initially training women over there, and then we extended our footprint there as well.”

Hiring Process 2
Hiring Process 3

Zona Ejaz

Zona Ejaz is a recent addition to the team and has been spearheading the training operations in Lahore. Zona “believes that ibex. Learning Academy is a great platform to enhance your communication skills and build up your confidence, as good communication is the key to accomplishing your goals and displaying your potential. My journey with ILA has been amazing so far. This program fulfills the purpose of practical learning and gives the opportunity to the trainees and trainers to demonstrate their knowledge wonderfully. I hope that we will keep on learning and improving ourselves to achieve excellence throughout the program.”

Talk about the success of this program and miss our Alumni? NO WAY!

Abeer Patani

ibex. Learning Academy is successful because of the eager beavers that became a part of this journey to upskill themselves. One of those people is - Abeer Patani, who joined ILA in 2021 and has now secured a position in one of our leading international campaigns. Here's what he had to say about the program:

"I first heard about ILA when I gave an interview, and I could not make it to the final list. Seeing no hopes of being hired, I joined ibex. Learning Academy. It proved to be an opportunity in disguise that not only advanced the skills that I had but also gave me an opportunity to be a part of ibex. ILA is learning with fun. It is a platform to develop the necessary skills needed to express an individual's capability and character. To be able to achieve success and growth in the organization. My journey of ILA was amazing as I built a new skill set and also saw the different dynamics of ibex. on various floors. I saw how customer care works in reality and how the employees interact with the customers. It was something very new to me as I never had such a diverse experience and exposure.

I had wonderful trainers like Binish, Hassan, Noman, and Abdur Rehman - all of them pushed me to do the best until I got hired. I would surely urge the new inductees to fully use this platform to make their way into ibex. and EXCEL in their careers"

Hiring Process 2

Humna Saeed

Project Coordinator- ILA

life @ ibex.

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The Journey of ibex. Learning Academy!

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The Journey of ibex. Learning Academy!

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