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The journey begins!


I have always been fascinated with commercial jets. Ever since I was a young boy, I have imagined being at the controls of an aircraft. Back in December 2020 - After my eighteenth birthday, my interest made me take upon the task of enrolling in a flight school. From then onwards, I started to look for a job that could help me fuel my dreams and pursue a career in Aviation. After a long, tiring search, I came across ibex. Little did I know that not only would I be able to find financial stability but also come across individuals who would help me shape my life for the better.


My journey began in August 2021 as a part of a batch that was selected to cater to customers of a Fortune 500 company. However, I found something much greater in this group of individuals that had experienced professionals than people like myself who had no exposure to a professional workplace and were still in their teens. I found respect, kindness, and the willingness to create new bonds with each other. In an attempt to complete our training and achieve our KPIs, we still shared an environment that promoted healthy competition. Then came the day when we graduated and were all set to listen to customers on behalf of the largest retailer in the world. There was unparalleled excitement and the drive to prove ourselves.

Night Life and ibex.


The first shift I was assigned to was from 1 AM to 10 AM. My friends and family used to ask me if these working hours had any adverse effects on me. In all honesty, I used to look forward to them. Leaving my residence after midnight for work was awkward at first but then went on to become the most memorable moment of my life. No wonder I kept working the same shift for 6-month!


A combination of working hard to provide excellent customer service to a casual giggle every now and then. From playing table tennis or table football in the basement to blasting music in the cafeteria, the nightlife here is nothing but a treat. We do have facilities for people who love to engage in sports as well. Our badminton court near the parking lot is no stranger to talented employees who are often found there pre-shift or post-shift playing a good game of badminton. It has been nothing but an amazing experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


When I began working on my campaign here in Lahore, my campaign was limited to a very few people which allowed me and my colleagues to engage in a close-knit environment and that has done wonders for us. Not only have we supported each other through thick and thin, but we have also been present at the weddings of our colleagues and have left an ever-lasting impression that their friends from their time at ibex. are always behind them.


Fast forward to 10 months later, today we are the biggest campaign at ibex. Lahore in terms of sheer manpower with a growing number of people who are experiencing the nightlife we have here at our workplace. Not only am I sure that they would discover their potential but would also come across amazing people as I did.

Night life at ibex

What does ibex. mean to me?


I came to the company as an eighteen-year-old boy who knew little about professionalism. Today, I find myself to be a permanent employee here at ibex. who has grown to become a Team Lead in less than a year. It’s true that willingness and dedication can take you anywhere. But along with willingness and dedication, you need an environment that can help you grow and ibex. does just that.

Journey at ibex

Acting Team Lead,

Muhammad Jibrael Rehman

life @ ibex.

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What it's like to work at ibex.

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