Well Construction In Thar

Kawish has completed construction of IBEX Global funded dug water well in designated place in Goth Bhojat Ali Village in Mithi, Thar. In Tharparkar, water wells have been found to be the only sustainable source of water. The practice of installing tube wells, hand pumps have also been introduced but such schemes have not proved to be entirely successful. Most such schemes are not functional due to social, economic, technical and other reasons. As per past experience of Kawish, tube wells and hand pumps give water for 2-3 years and in some cases have dried out much earlier. Dug wells have a life of 25-30 years.

With the construction of this dug well, all the problems faced by villagers earlier are now solved. There are more than 150 Houses with a population of approximately 1000 people with about 1500 live stock. People are really happy as they do not have to do any extensive travelling for water as they now have water well in their own village, whereas earlier, they used to spend around four to six hours on average to fetch four to five pots (50 to 60 litres) of water from water wells from other villages. Young children were often required to skip education as children remain a necessary part of the water collection process.

There is also a mosque in village where there was no water for ablution and they had to purchase tanker costing them Rs.3000 every week. Now the villagers have easy access to water, thanks to the dug well.

This completed our all 3 planned activities for which we internally raised funds in Q4-2014:

  • Rashan Distribution in Diplo Village - Thar (JAN-2015)
  • Quilts/Rashan Distribution for NW IDPs in Tajazai, Lakki Marwat (JAN-2015)
  • Build-out of Water Well in Goth Bhojat Ali , Mithi, Thar (MAR-2015)

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Well Construction In Thar

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Well Construction In Thar

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