8th International Corporate Social Responsibility Summit and Awards 2019

Mother Teresa once said, “Give your Hands to serve and your Hearts to Love!”

It is an every organization’s and individual’s job to take responsibility for the things and people around, what the Japanese call IKIGAI meaning “THE REASON FOR BEING.”

Being part of the developing society for 15 years, “ibex.” has taken steps to give back to the society and the environment. This vision has helped us develop our Corporate Social Responsibility framework led by CSR committee of top management. The framework focuses on four major areas:

  • CSR Activities on need basis (Natural Calamities, Health or Medical efforts etc.)
  • Scheduled CSR Activities (Blood Drive, Road Safety, Clean the environment, Green Day etc.)
  • Education Promotion: Advocating and assisting people for University education.
  • Internal Employees Welfare (Female empowerment, Self-development, EIDI gifts, daily iftari, marriage and medical needs)

Over the years, “ibex.” has supported causes such as education, health & environment and helped the under-privileged. “ibex.” has made women empowerment and equality a company culture and all the strategies develop keeping that aspect in mind.

Today, ibex stands proud to say that it has always looked after its workplace, its people and the society. Recently ibex has been awarded the prestigious Stakeholder Employee Engagement Award, the Sustainability Initiative Award and the Corporate Nonprofit Partnership Award at the 8th International Corporate Social Responsibility Summit & Awards 2019, which is the first and only CSR Award of Pakistan registered with IPO Government of Pakistan.

Some of the workplace CSR activities that ibex hosts all year round includes, Road Safety campaigns, blood donation drives, women empowerment activities providing Grooming and Counseling and Self-Development sessions. We make sure that we take care of our people through our Employee Welfare fund, daily iftari and EIDI gifts.

“ibex.” has always played an important part in taking care of the environment by hosting events like Beach cleaning drives, Dam fund campaign, Plantation Drives, construction of wells in Thar and currently working on energy and water conservations on all sites.

A major aspect of our CSR is collaborations with existing NGOS, like the SOS Children’s Village, Darul Sukoon, The Citizens Foundation, Ansar Burney Trust and Hunar Foundation in various activities including development session, gifts on Eid, Certifications trainings and placement in our organization.

Because we truly want “ibex.” to be home to our employees and to be a place that nourishes and gives back to the society for its support!

life @ ibex.

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8th International Corporate Social Responsibility Summit and Awards 2019

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8th International Corporate Social Responsibility Summit and Awards 2019

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