Birthday Celebrations – Domestic Programs

“A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the TRIP”

Employee Engagement activities are very important to foster a positive work environment and friendly culture. Last week, a small get together was organized at the Lahore office, where all Aries, Taurus & Gemini having a birthday in the month of April & May, gathered together for a combined Birthday Celebration.

The event kicked off with cheerful giggles and selfie sessions of the attendees. Birthday stars cheerfully took solo and group pictures with the birthday backdrop and birthday caps, sharing cheerful moments with each other and creating everlasting memories. HRBP team also arranged a customized cake specially designed for this event. Umair Butt – AM Operations, Usman Kifayat – Supervisor Operations, Ahmed Mujtaba – HR Business Leader & Fatima Khawaja – HR Business Analyst along with other team members of the ibex. Family were there to meet, greet & wish the celebrating employees. In order to make things more special for the birthday employees, they were given personalized birthday cards having wishes from their Manager, HRBP Team, and Operations Director – Hashim Khan.

This initiative created a positive vibe on the floor and casting an everlasting impression in the hearts of employees. They really appreciated this effort and shown an expectation for such similar initiatives in the future as well.

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Fatima Khawaja
PK Site

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Birthday Celebrations – Domestic Programs

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Birthday Celebrations – Domestic Programs

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