Celebrating Success

Warid Program, One-Year Completion at IBEX Global

After a year and a half of success with Mobilink program, IBEX finally hit the milestone of signing the contract for handling Warid Contact Centre Operations in October 2016. The addition of 200+ FTEs to the Domestic Business in Lahore was a great achievement.

Like every new project, the startup was a roller coaster ride and we went through some tough times, especially because during the initial few months, we were working from at the client’s facility and the pressure to excel was immense. We moved back to our own facility, TNB II, in January 2017 and finally the new hired employees were able to experience the true essence of IBEX’s culture.

The transition from the client premises to IBEX office was also a tough nut to crack. We had to ensure the transition with minimum distortion of the current process and with no damage to the business. So we worked alongside the client in order to streamline most of the processes for better customer facilitation.

Moreover, we also provided a great platform for the in-house Customer Support Executives (CSE’s) enhance their operational and team leading skills. Various training initiatives such as Embrace Excellence – to help CSE’s explore their inner potential and grow in their career, IBEX Supervisor Development Program – to help supervisors to be ready for all kinds of challenges in the CC business, Excel Workshop – to help CSE’s in order to get a grip on basics of MS Excel. Moreover, employee engagement activities such as I’M IBEX Scavenger Hunt and Birthday Celebrations have been a consistent part of their IBEX Life during the last one year. Moreover, we have provided many opportunities to employees to grow from the CSE level to positions such as Team Coordinator, Team Supervisor, QA Advisor, Training Executive etc.

To celebrate the success of this remarkable achievement of Warid program, a small ceremony was organized in the IBEX Lahore office, where the Senior Management of IBEX Global along with the all the Campaign Managers and employees of Warid program participated with zest and full vigor. Hashim Khan – Director Operations, Waleed Yousaf – Director Operations, Rana Saeed – Sr. Manager MIS and Waqas Hameed Mehr – Sr. Manager Operations along with other key persons from the Management shared their experiences & thoughts on how Warid's business grew with the Organization and emphasized on how the employees’ contribution added to the program’s success. After that, Hashim Khan went on further to commend his workforce and appreciated their efforts by awarding Top Performers with a Certificate of Appreciation. Moreover, customized mugs were distributed among all the employees of the program who had completed one year with IBEX Global. In the end, a ceremonial cake cutting took place, bringing joy and smiles on everyone’s faces.

Comments from the Management:

  • “Many congratulations to the Warid team on completing 1 year with IBEX! We certainly had our challenges during the nesting period, but thanks to all the efforts that each one of you have put in, we are in a remarkably different position today. Keep up the good work!” – Hashim Khan – Director Operations
  • “Warid have been a great venture with great people to work with, everyone business has its ups & downs which helped us learn and improve, with each passing day we are learning new ideas to improve our customer experience and enhancing our exposure to knowledge” – Waqas Hameed Mehr – Senior Manager Operations
  • "It has been a roller coaster ride but had great learning with each passing day. We are improving our services and always aiming for new milestones" – Mubashar Talal – Asst. Manager Operations
  • “An amazing learning experience. A long way to go!” – Tehreem Fatima – Asst. Manager Operations

Comments from the CSE’s:

  • “It was a great experience. Thank you Management for all the support and guidance.” – Bilal Tajamul – Customer Support Executive
  • “It was such a wonderful experience. Thanks to IBEX for celebrating the success in such an amazing manner” – Saba Afzaal – Customer Support Executive
  • “It was an amzing moment to get appreciation for the performance. Thank you IBEX” – Ahmed Faizan – Customer Support Execuitve

Contributed by:

Fatima Khawaja & Tehreem Fatima
IBEX Global – Lahore.

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