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The date, December 25, has a significance to it for a number of reasons. For Christians, the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on Christmas day. It is also the birthday of Quaid e Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan. Keeping up with its tradition of celebrating each holiday, IBEX Global Lahore & Islamabad sites hosted an event that celebrated both, Christmas and Quaid e Azam’s birthday. Highlights from both sides are given below:

Islamabad Site:

The initiative to host a cake cutting ceremony was taken by the Human Resources department and the main thought behind it was to make the Christian employees feel involved and to raise money to be given out as a Christmas gift to the Christian members of the janitorial staff.

The event took place in the breakout room, and the key member of the IBEX Management including Faisal Siddiqui – Sr. Manager Operations, Imran Ata - Manager Operations, operation supervisors, and all the christian staff attended it. The event took place in the breakout room, and the key member of the IBEX Management, supervisors, and all the Christian staff attended it. All the Christian staff did the cake cutting ceremony for the Christmas cake. Christmas carols were played in the background while everyone wished the Christian staff a Merry Christmas. The Assistant Manager HR – Bilal Kazmi, cut the cake for Quaid e Azam’s birthday. The evening was concluded by distributing the gift money to the janitorial staff by the Senior Manager Administration. This gesture, taken by Admin & HR department, was highly appreciated by the rest of the employees and everyone agreed that such initiatives should be taken regularly to celebrate the holiday season for the staff members who belong to minority groups.

Lahore Site:

Officially marking the celebration of the Christmas occasion, the IBEX family hosted a special Christmas event for the Christian employees working here at IBEX – Lahore office. From the Management side, Hashim Khan – Director Operations, Waqas Mehr- Sr. Manager Operations, Ali Adnan – Sr. Manager CIQ, Faisal Nihal – Sr. Manager Compliance & Recruitment graced the event. Along with them, floor supervisors, HR, and Admin department employees, along with all the Christian staff attended the event. A customized cake cutting was carried out in the presence of all the guests. The event concluded with some memorable comments by Hashim Khan – Director Operations, who appreciated the hard work of the Christian employees and emphasized the importance of workforce diversity at IBEX Global. Such kind of celebrations brings a very positive impact on employee’s motivation and foster good relations among them.

Contributed by

Bilal Kazmi & Fatima Khawaja
HR Team
PK Site

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Celebration at Work

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Celebration at Work

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