Customer Experience Champion – CEC

“The customer experience is the next competitive battleground." ~ Jerry Gregoire

Customer Experience Champion (CEC) activity was conducted by Careem campaign during last two months. This activity is specially designed to enhance the CSAT scores (Customer Satisfaction of the project) to ensure customer-centric approach. There was one Mega Winner, who won a motorcycle, four runners-up were awarded cash prizes in their incentives and one team consisting of 14 members went out for a movie and dinner.

The CEC activity was a kick-start to have excellent CSAT scores, but the show must go on and commission plans have already started enabling people to earn extra money on CSAT scores to further have a performance driven environment. This plan of action left a very positive impact on employee motivation and acted as a source of encouragement for all Customer Support Executives (CSE’s).

We are keeping our client Careem on-board with every happening at IBEX. Nuzhat Naweed and Aura Lunde from Careem Team came to visit the IBEX office. They had a tour around the Lahore facility, took part in live call experience monitoring & and meeting with the different teams, which are looking after Careem’s operations. Nuzhat Naweed was the chief guest for the prize distribution ceremony for CEC activity, while Aura Lunde distributed chocolates.

Contributed by
Fatima Khawaja &Umair Azmat Butt
PK Site

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Customer Experience Champion – CEC

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Customer Experience Champion – CEC

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