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Like any other occasion; Eid is one of those important events where Muslims from all over the world get an opportunity to take a break from their generic routines and rejoice this festive occasion with their loved ones – to which ibex. is not an exception.

Being one of the well-reputed and successful BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies in Pakistan, where individuals have busy schedules; different targets to meet on a daily, monthly and yearly basis; ibex. is not only known for having good clientage but, also for caring for its employees by helping them in maintaining a balance between professional and social life.

Having employees belonging to different faiths; one idea which makes ibex. different from other multi-nationals is multiculturalism and diversity; be it Christmas, New Year, or Eid etc. each event is celebrated with great enthusiasm preserving the tradition of honoring individual differences.

In Pakistan, where usually employees get a day off on Eid; ibex. stands out, as here work and celebrations go side by side. Due to the nature of work, where employees could get stressed out by the usual targets, at the same time ibex. does keep up the Eid enthusiasm by offering several perks hence making it a memorable occasion. Themes, Mehndi, Décor, Feasts … what a perfect day!

To make Eid more colorful, ibex. focuses on decorating its interiors with vibrant color schemes – adding style to its ambiance. The employees are encouraged to wear eastern dresses, therefore, capturing the true essence of the occasion.

As specifically for women, nothing gets more exciting than to get Mehndi designs applied hassle-free while still working at their desks. This helps not only in giving a kick to their creativity, but also lessens the work burden by doing something they enjoy.

When it comes to food, ibex. truly follows the quotation, “The greatest love is the love for food.” One of the factors which bring everyone together on Eid is the delicious feast hosted by the company itself – as a token of appreciation for the employees for their dedication towards their work.

In conclusion, through these celebrations, ibex. manages to set an example, that work and play could go hand-in-hand if handled with a bit of creativity and leisure in it.

Contributed by
Muhammad Shahroz

life @ ibex.

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Eid at ibex

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