Eid Ul Adha 2017 Celebrations at work

~Happiness is out there…!!

“Eid-ul-Azha” has always been one of the most anticipated events for all Islamic community. In our country, the excitement that comes with it is overwhelming. The exhilaration of procuring the sacrificial animals looks marvelous, and people of each age group enjoy this in their own way.

We, at IBEX Global, also do our best to make this event more special for all our IBEXIANS. Eid seems incomplete unless we treat ourselves with a lavish feast, and this is exactly what we did for our IBEX family, we treated all employee with a lavish meal on first two days of Eid, just like what we would do at our home, because that is what IBEX is for us, “HOME”. The celebrations don’t stop here. Red Club (An employee engagement society) folks celebrated this Eid ul Azha with employees and distributed giveaways which included Eid cards and chocolates. Moreover, lucky draws were held to turn up the gleam of happiness.

All this goes side by side with Eid-related social media exchanges and updates on Facebook and Instagram. IBEX Global was live on Facebook to give IBEXIANS a chance to say something about this event. After all, a part of the ultimate Eid experience comes through the endless suggestions, beautiful messages, gossip, advices and discussions that can only happen through these social networking apps.

We are always committed to give our team members an environment that will make them feel like home, and occasions like these give us the opportunity to do that. All of us had a great Eid at IBEX Global, and we will keep enjoying such occasions and events at our second home.

Messages from IBEXIANS:

It’s just good to be here at work on Eid, because my colleagues are here and we are enjoying the celebrations. I would like to give a message that Enjoy your Eid, Spread Love and peace.
Syed Muhammad Abbas – CSS

It’s an off day for me but I am still here; I came here to meet everyone and greet them. My message on this Eid is that we should not forget people in need on this Eid. This is the time you put aside all the differences and meet your relatives.
Noor Ul Huda – HR Business Leader

My message would be that may God accept our sacrifices. We shouldn’t forget poor people on this Eid. It’s better to distribute the meat among needy people instead of keeping it in your freezers. This is actually the essence of this Eid and we need to keep it alive.
Hina Murtaza – HR Employee Relations

I strongly believe that such celebrations make powerful statements that IBEX Global really value us and that’s why always goes to great lengths to exalt happiness and wellbeing of ours. I experienced the true crisp of Eid at IBEX Global.
Sehrish Shakeel – Recruitment Marketing Officer

Like life, Eid also has its ups and downs but it’s all worth it if you manage to get your attitude right. For my part, I focus all my thoughts and energy towards preparing good food, catching up with my friends, Eid shopping and looking good. And despite all the work, the time I spend with my colleagues, friends and family on Eid never fails to leave good memories that I cherish for a full year.
Madeeha Naseem – Employer Branding Executive

It was an amazing experience to celebrate the Eid with IBEXIANS. Our VP-HR Maheen Fatima also joined us to announce lucky draws. Being a part of Red Club team, we arranged Cake cutting ceremony for the employees who showed up at work.
Bilal Kazmi – HR Employee Relations

Contributed by:
Sunil Sultan
Business Analyst – PK Site

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Eid Ul Adha 2017 Celebrations at work

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Eid Ul Adha 2017 Celebrations at work

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