Embrace Excellence – Poise for Excellence

Embrace Excellence is an open enrollment training program, which takes you along a journey of self-development and personality grooming. This initiative has been specially designed for the Customer Support Executive (CSEs’) by the HRBP team after careful study and conducting need analysis of the employees.

The purpose of this program is to give participants a platform to understand the corporate work dynamics and requirements, to boost up their confidence and ponder their career paths by recognizing their true potential. The focus is to develop such content, which keeps participants engaged in the learning activities that are easy to understand, yet meaningful.

The first module of Embrace Excellence – Poise for Excellence solely focuses on corporate etiquette, Work ethics, culture and personal development of the CSEs’. Using the tools of storytelling, group activities and visuals, participants are enlightened about the importance of knowing yourself & ABCD (attitude, behavior, communication and dressing) by following an approach of GROW Model (goal, reality, options and way-forward).

The training of Embrace Excellence – Poise for Excellence module took place in Lahore with the Warid program last week. The participants gave a very positive feedback about the session. They opened up about their thoughts about personal growth and what sort of hindrances they face regarding it, i.e. difficulties faced in applying or an internal job posting at ibex.The HRBP team answered their queries in the most effective way. Similar sessions of Embrace Excellence have been planned for Karachi & Islamabad in the coming week.

Feedback Obtained

  • “I have a good experience from the workshop. I have learned many things about career development and to improve my work performance” – Fatima Roy – Customer Support Executive
  • It was a good experience. I got a lot of information regarding opportunities for personal development at ibex.” – Mehwish – Customer Support Executive
  • “It was a session full of learning. The GROW model activity was an interesting one to perform”. – Asad Aleem – Customer Support Executive

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Fatima Khawaja

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Embrace Excellence – Poise for Excellence

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Embrace Excellence – Poise for Excellence

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