Enroll, Enhance & Excel – Excel Workshop

MS Excel has become the necessity of the time. It is important for an employee to be proficient in using MS Excel, in order to perform his job duty efficiently. Realizing the importance of MS Excel, HRBP team is conducting a two-day workshop on MS Excel, every month. The duration of each session is two hours a day.

The purpose of the workshop is to equip our employees with the basic knowledge of MS Excel and make them proficient in the use of the formulae on which an applicant is tested in MS Excel test, as part of our Internal Job Posting (IJP) Selection Process. Participants are taught with practical examples along with the special tips on excel formulae. At the end of the workshop, they are awarded the certificates, after passing a test.

So far, the response received from employees has been overwhelming. They really appreciated this initiative from the HRBP Team. HRBP team is also hopeful that this initiative will bring a positive impact on the applying ratio of employees for the IJP.

Feedback obtained:

  • “It was a good session to learn the basics of MS Excel” – Hassan Abbas
  • “It was a great experience. I would love to participate in such learning initiatives in the future as well” – Zahra Alam
  • “I have learnt a lot from this excel workshop, which I didn’t know before about excel” – Awais Jabbar
  • “Co-operative teacher – Nazim , taught us a lot” – Faizan Naseem

Contributed by
Fatima Khawaja

life @ ibex.

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Enroll, Enhance & Excel – Excel Workshop

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Enroll, Enhance & Excel – Excel Workshop

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