FAST Corporate Sports Gala 2017

It was a wonderful experience taking part in almost all categories of FAST Corporate Sports Gala. The event was full of excitement, fun, and surprises. We made some very good new friends and enhanced our social networking. Now we know that we have extremely talented people among us who just need a platform to practice and enhance their skills. We will keep on providing opportunities for everyone to take part in such healthy activities in the future as well.

This is the second time in a row, since 2016, when the TRG Basketball Team scored a place on a victory stand in the FAST Corporate Sports Gala. Last year, we won silver, but this year, it was nothing less than the gold that we aimed at. With great energies and ambitions, the team played and constantly stood undisputed without losing a single basketball match throughout the tournament. The team played matches day and night without getting much time to rest. Surely, it faced a tough time in some tough matches, but the team spirit stood high and took all the challenges that came along the way.

After a set of matches with various Corporate Companies who participated, we were able to bring the 1st place trophy home to ‘TRG’. This trophy is not just for an entity, but also for all of us as one team.  Apart from the support from the spectators, the team members themselves were a motivation for one another. Hoping TRG to continue shining in all future aspects

Excellent work once again TRG Basketball Team. A big round of applause to all the team members who played, who managed, who assisted in any possible way.



Contributed by

Fatima Khawaja

HR Business Analyst


life @ ibex.

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FAST Corporate Sports Gala 2017

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FAST Corporate Sports Gala 2017

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