Fine Light In The Beautiful Sea, Ibex Chose To Be Happy!

OPS Support Picnic ‘18 – Karachi Chapter

On Thursday, March 22, 2018, a great outing day was planned and the teams from different departments were invited. After reaching office, early in the morning with a drowsy look on the faces and yawning, tantalizing smell of hot steamed Halwa-Puri welcomed us as our super breakfast. Filled with excitement, we headed off on the journey towards our destination which was itself exhilarating.

Yayyy from everyone caught up by my ears, thereby making it clear sign that we have checked into Sandspit beach. The eye-catching combination of the dazzling sun, cold breeze and soft sand presented a resplendent view and rejuvenated everyone.

As soon as we settled, all sports lovers started playing Cricket and Futsal while selfie lovers were taking awesome pictures and some found dangling their bare feet at the shore. To put the cherry on the top, perfect dance moves by employees on the songs played on high beats left everyone go with the flow.

The lunch arrangement was BANG ON and everyone challenged their taste buds with freshly cooked Biryani, Chicken barbecue and wontons. After lunch, everyone went down for some last few hours to relish the cool water and the soft sand as the thirst of enjoyment was still ringing up. Halfheartedly, at evening we headed back along with so many amazing memories to be cherished long!

Contributed By:
Sehrish Shakeel
Recruitment Marketing Officer

life @ ibex.

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Fine Light In The Beautiful Sea, Ibex Chose To Be Happy!

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Fine Light In The Beautiful Sea, Ibex Chose To Be Happy!

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