Fun at Work – Team Hangout With A Newly Joined Supervisor

“Employee Engagement is a force that derives performance outcomes.” - Gallup

In order to achieve bigger goals, teamwork is a foremost element. For teamwork, team bonding is an essential component, which drives the essence of it. To strengthen the team bonding and to practice the golden rule of “KNOW YOUR TEAM”, newly joined domestic campaign supervisor – Mazhar Ali planned a hang out.

Everyone was very excited as this was the first time; they were going out with their new supervisor-Mazhar Ali. All gathered, after their duty hours at the office and went together to enjoy a lavish dinner at their favorite restaurant. They enjoyed and interacted with each other as interaction outside office gave them a chance to know each other more at a personal level.

This hangout served as an icebreaker between the new supervisor – Mazhar Ali and his team. Moreover, it created a positive impact on the minds of all the CSEs’ as this was a first of a kind initiative, where a new supervisor came forward to devise a hangout plan for his teammates upon his induction in new role. Such interactions increase the empathy level & motivation, which in return translates into increased work performance. Employees showed the urge to have such hang out plans more often.

Contributed by:
Fatima Khawaja
HR Business Analyst
PK - Site

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Fun at Work – Team Hangout With A Newly Joined Supervisor

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Fun at Work – Team Hangout With A Newly Joined Supervisor

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