Global Employee Appreciation Bash ‘20 – PK site

On this Friday,  ibex. concluded a complete week of fun & engagement with our employees working in this pandemic situation, either from office or home. A week-long celebration to applause, recognize, engage and appreciate our employees for their untiring commitment to excellence and outstanding performance at work.

The week began with the On-Floor Recognition for Onsite Employees & sending appreciation cards to Work From Home Warriors. The purpose was to make employees feel valued.

Next day was dedicated to One Quarterly Awards & Graduation Ceremony of Talent ibex. Third Batch. It was carried out on-site & online.

Third day was booked for the Honors Club webinar, a platform where the top performing employees were given a chance to connect with their Head of Departments, in order to learn from their experiences & seek guidance for better future growth.

Fourth day was focused on celebrating a “Thank You” day, where employees were given an opportunity to thank their fellows for their support during this pandemic situation. In addition, notes from senior management and team leaders were shared, acknowledging the efforts of employees.

And Friday, the day of blessing where we are ensured to present all the activities in a smarter way to the rest of the stakeholders out as they are equally valued.

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Global Employee Appreciation Bash ‘20 – PK site

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Global Employee Appreciation Bash ‘20 – PK site

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