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The daily routine can reduce the spirits of even highly motivated employees. Therefore, there can be fun activities to just bring in little relief and spread cheers. This not only uplifts moods, but also helps strengthen the team spirit.

You must have heard the quotations that “Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit” & “A healthy mind in a healthy body is a blessing”. In the light of these quotes, we took the initiative to provide our Lahore & Islamabad Site with Game Arena. At Islamabad site, initially, we had only Table Tennis Table, which was not in good condition. Therefore, we updated our “Game Arena” with the brand new Table tennis. In addition, we added a few games to the club i.e. Carom Board, Ludo, Gaming Arcade 100+ Games, Foosball, Badminton Court and Cemented Cricket pitch for net practice. At Lahore site games like Carom Board, football table, and badminton court were added.

We received an excellent response from our employees after this great initiative. A special thanks to our Admin Team, with its help, we installed floodlights for night matches, painted the floor & walls; and placed seats for the audience to sit and enjoy the matches. Now, employees are seen spending their free time in the game arena, where they spend their break time effectively.

As a goodwill gesture, we also provided badminton rackets and shuttlecocks to our different departments at Islamabad center. Furthermore, we also have cemented cricket pitch for net practice in our parking area, where employees do cricket practice seasonally and get themselves prepared for one of the biggest events RPL (In-house Cricket tournament).

We, at ibex. believe that social and recreational activities can help promote teamwork, bonding and mental well-being among employees.

Contributed by
Zia Ur Rehman
Senior Supervisor – Operations

life @ ibex.

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Indoor/Outdoor Games – Get More, Play More!

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Indoor/Outdoor Games – Get More, Play More!

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