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Career Fair at SSUET – Karachi
Job fairs are an important medium where the industry gets a chance to meet academia and get access to a large pool of talent of young blood. On a courteous invitation from Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, ibex. came as a committed participant to witness SSUET Job Fair held on 11th January 2018 and met over hundreds of students from diversified disciplines, where our recruiters plucked out the gleam of sharpness in students from creative and intelligence standpoint. We went an extra mile, not only for job opportunities but also as a career counselor, which they believed, would transform their ambitions into reality.

At the heart of our recruitment efforts is the game plan for identifying, onboarding, fine-tuning and retaining budding talent of the youth of today, and undoubtedly, ibex. presence at events like these is a true manifestation of our targeted initiatives to actualize this game plan.

Sehrish Shakeel
Recruitment Marketing Officer

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Industry – Academia Linkage 4

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Industry – Academia Linkage 4

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