Mobile App integration with CCMS CRM

The integration our internal software CCMS (Contact Center Management Suite) with Mobile App at IBEX Global has been a great success. It enables the Contact Center agents to collaborate with field team more efficiently and quickly. This solution is very effective for fieldwork, where internet connection is not available all the time. Not having internet does not mean that the work has to stop. You can work and use the app in offline mode, and, when you reconnect, you get your data automatically synced across all platforms. With a user friendly, responsive and adaptive web portal, you are notified instantly whenever there is update from field team and can reply to them from the mobile app. Mobile client is very light resulting in quick navigation. Since, it is a customizable app, it can be used for multi-purpose letting you personalize your experience, so you can locate and use key information to easily manage your business, sales, marketing, and support activities.

Moreover, the native device integrations such as click-to-call, click-to-text, and GPS mapping, allow you to get the most out of every customer interaction by engaging your customers quickly and effectively from the device, you have at hand. Thus, maximizing productivity by configuring access according to the role and applying custom actions to reflect common actions. Our solution is currently serving the No. 1 FMCG company of Pakistan providing them business rationale with a clear utility value.

Contributed by:
Kashif Hassan Rizvi
Director – Technology Commercials & Client Services

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Mobile App integration with CCMS CRM

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Mobile App integration with CCMS CRM

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