Talent ibex and ONE Awards Ceremony

ibex. knows the importance of recognizing and appreciating their outstanding talents and so we organize an award ceremony each year. Praise and recognition being the fundamentals of higher productivity, increased employee morale and higher satisfaction necessitated the initiation of these Quarterly awards called ONE Awards.

On the same day another awards took place called the Talent ibex awards. Ibex. continually work in promoting & fostering employee development and grooming initiatives to refine the talents within. The award is the highest honor that an employee and supervisor can achieve in recognition of their exceptional efforts on the job.

These award ceremonies thus took place in the last week of April across all sites of Pakistan. ONE Awards and Talent ibex graduation ceremony took on the same day. Talent ibex toppers were awarded Gold Medals whereas all the other nominees were awarded with certificates of recognition. Whereas ONE Awards were divided into three categories: Agent ONE for Customer Support Executives, Supervisor ONE for Operations’ Supervisors and ATLs, and Employee ONE for Operations Support and Support Teams.

Relevant decorations were arranged including a backdrops designed to support the ceremonies. Moreover, refreshments were served during the event.

Overall the event was a great effort by the management to appreciate the unique talents we have in our organization and motivate others to excel in a greater manner. It is always wonderful to appreciate and motivate our employees for all the hard work they do for the organization and we look forward to more talents to be recognized in our upcoming Award ceremonies.

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Talent ibex and ONE Awards Ceremony

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Talent ibex and ONE Awards Ceremony

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