T-Mobile is the Fastest LTE Network today

We’re imagining John Legere is all smiles upon hearing the report that Verizon dropped to third in the latest Ookla rankings and that T-Mobile finished as the FASTEST in Q2 2017. This is the 14th quarter in a row that the mobile carrier is the top provider in speed. The good news was first shared by T-Mobile’s CTO Neville Ray who even shared graphs of Download Speeds and LTE Availability. Several T-Mobile Network Mobile Maps were also shown off in a GIF.

T-Mobile is also now No. 1 in LTE availability. Looks like the company is doing well in the game and may continue to do so as its rival Verizon isn’t doing good despite the unlimited data offering. You see, some people want unlimited data but there are those who prefer speed instead. What’s the point of unlimited connection when speed is awful? T-Mobile is changing all that as it offers fast LTE. In the game, it’s T-Mobile then AT&T and then Verizon in third place.

The rankings are based on millions of wireless tests so you know data are inclusive. Verizon used to be on top but T-Mobile beat it especially during the last quarter, thanks to its advancing mobile network including LTE-U availability. Meanwhile, AT&T is also doing great. We’re looking forward to the 5G Evolution that is already underway.

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T-Mobile is the Fastest LTE Network today

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T-Mobile is the Fastest LTE Network today

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