It's not just a job, it’s an adventure!

We build jobs that allow your imaginations to enter the world of infinite possibilities!

We are best at what we do in the market because of the eager beavers working at ibex. We not only guarantee our people the best learning environment but we are also going to make sure that you make some great memories and build strong relationships here. If you want to build your career around one of the biggest organizations in the world then, we are what you are looking for!

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Hiring Process 1

Step 1

Make or Break Round

Our initial screening is the make-or-break part of our whole interview process! We start by asking you some really simple questions and analyze the way you articulate yourself based on that conversation. The whole point of this round is to gauge your communication and technical skills.

Step 2

Show Us What You Got

Face to Face Interview

This is an opportunity for both candidate and the recruiter to get to know each other in person and get the maximum value out of that interaction.

Skills Assessment

Our job opportunities are all about being best at what you do and having a thorough practical knowledge of computers is one of the qualities. Hence, this is the part where we analyze whether the candidate has adequate amount of skills required for the job. Be it a typing test to analyze your typing speed or your write-ups so that we can gauge your skills better. The test varies from program to program and shows you different aspects of the job.

Hiring Process 2
Hiring Process 3

Step 3

The Lightning Round

Final Interview

This is your time to answer the question for us that why you? Our recruiters will put you in a situation to make sure that we get the best value out of you. Confidence, Intellect, and your true self are the main ingredients to shine in your Final interview.

Client Interview

For some campaigns, there is an additional step where a representative of the client likes to meet the candidates and finalize their joining.

Life @ ibex.

Explore the Energy and Life that Binds Us Together!

Sep 2022

Building A Strong Community

We are all aware of the importance of hiring great staff. But then, what do we do once we find them? Do we ensure our company empowers employees and provides a work environment where they feel valued? We at ibex., believe that the time has come to evolve from simply surviving day-to-day life to genuinely thriving in all facets of life. Be it physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or socially. The common perception of vulnerability in...

Jul 2022

There is nothing a woman canno...

2022 was off to a great start, but the best thing we achieved this year was getting a gold medal...wait. If you think that is the news we are most excited about, then NO. Cricket runs in our blood. Sports are the topic at every dining table. It is a source that brings us together, yet there is always a separation. Consciously or unconsciously, women's achievements in sports are not as much discussed or appreciated...

Jun 2022

Who Comes First!

You have heard more than enough about engagement, empowerment, teamwork, and all the good things that come with it. How many times have you heard about the hardships, the struggles, the hustle behind a company's success? Not that often, right? As individuals, we are constantly expected to be at the top, praised for our performance, and achieve success in every aspect. Acknowledging and learning from setbacks seems simplistic. During all the hustle and bustles to acquire life...

Jun 2022

What it's like to work at ibex...

The journey begins!   I have always been fascinated with commercial jets. Ever since I was a young boy, I have imagined being at the controls of an aircraft. Back in December 2020 - After my eighteenth birthday, my interest made me take upon the task of enrolling in a flight school. From then onwards, I started to look for a job that could help me fuel my dreams and pursue a career in Aviation. After a...

May 2022

The Journey of ibex. Learning ...

It’s been 6-successful years since the launch of the ILA - ibex. Learning Academy. The idea that started with a small batch of 15 people in Karachi has now impacted the lives of over hundreds of people. It all began with a one-simple question: How do we enable potential candidates to score a position in our International Campaigns? The answer led to an Academy that aspires to groom and encourage our new inductees into the finest...

May 2022

Meet Yahya, A 10-Years Old Wor...

My name is Yahya Aziz, and I’m from Lahore. My father, Omar Aziz, has been working with ibex. for the past 14 years. He’s a diehard fan of traveling, hiking, camping, and all sorts of adventures one can imagine. I travel with my father whenever I get an opportunity, but last year, I asked my father to take me along for the mighty K2 basecamp trek, and luckily, he agreed. *Victory* It was a 20-day trek covering...


How we care
about you

Our employees are our most important assets and our key value proposition is employee development and career growth. Our first priority is hiring from within and growing our employees through coaching, mentoring, and training, both internal and external. We also have a range of exciting initiatives including employee engagement, appreciation, and fun activities all year round.

And to top it off, we offer an attractive compensation package that focuses on Total Rewards, both fixed and variable. This includes salary, performance bonus, and other incentives. We also have a range of benefits that include health insurance for self, spouse and children, outpatient medical coverage, Provident Fund, and paid time off.

At ibex you will get professional experience, a dynamic environment, and the opportunity to reach new heights of success.

  • Medical Care

  • Cash Bonus

  • Conveyance Facility

  • Loan Facility

  • Flexible Timings

  • On Job Training

Awards and Recognitions

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Zeeshan Zafar
Omais Daud Khan
Bilal Khan
Aisha Butt
Zeeshan Zafar
Waleed Farooq
Hina karim
Waqar Ahmed
Talha Mahmood
Muhammad Anwaar Ahmad
Tariq Javed
Shakeela Asif
Kashif Abbasi
Humaira Suleman
Faisal Mehmood
Shazia Hassan Zaidi
Sana Ullah
Muhammad Awais Raja
Aziz Khan


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